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empathy marketing guide

Why do I do this?  –To alter our egocentric era so people are grateful for small business owners.

What do I do?  –Empower small business owners to earn loyal customers and clients through empathy, story and video marketing.

How? Combining 3 emotional powers to...

Keri has a passion for helping business owners communicate strongly through video. Her background as a speech pathologist gives insight for helping people have more impact with viewers. -Britton Ledingham with iEvolvephoto


Parent client: “I want to know what my child did at preschool. What did I miss?!”

Christine's video story captures expressions of what kids would say if they could. Her photos bridge the gap between what parents want to know and what kids can communicate about their preschool experience. Through empathy, Christine gives her clients a priceless gift.

Parent client: Can we trust you as a role-model for our teen?​ 

Aime speaks emotionally about WHY she NEVER wants tween and teen girls to suffer from limited self-esteem and confidence or lacking courage to be themselves like she did when she was their age. Her empathy helps clients visualize what life is like for their daughters.

Expand perspectives

Employer client: I want to retain top talent.

Employee client: I want a position that aligns with my values.

Bob describes a typical day spent by his former employee. Leena includes vivid details for her job description story. Her network of employee clients visualize themselves in that vacant role. Through expanding perspectives, Leena matches positions with ideal candidates.

Designer Client: How will you make me feel about my decorating decisions?

Amy chatting about design memories and laughing with her client, Jackie as if close girlfriends. Using empathy, Amy educates clients to feel confident with continuing design foundations. Clients make future decisions by seeing their home through a designer's perspective. 

Become irresistible

Hypnosis client: I’ve never been hypnotized. Can I trust you?

Viewers see how I (as the role of a client) improved my speaking on video because of trusting Chris. He addresses a key objection his clients typically have and demonstrates exceeding expectations.

Future attendee: Is going to this event worth taking time away from my business?

Potential customers trust what snippets of conversations capture while past attendees experience an event –more than what an event planner tells them.

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Working with Keri was an amazing Experience!

I'd a few videos in the past on my own. Keri brought a wealth of knowledge and structure that I had not known of. She challenged me to move out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to dig deep to connect with my viewers through video. ­–Amy van Meijl, Dutch Touch Interiors

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