Formula for Inspiring Action

Wonder what mix inspires your audience to listen, care and purchase?

Our email journey continues by sharing my communication, marketing, and video story talents.


Following advice -- you’ve begun making videos and going live on Facebook.

So, where are the soars of likes, comments and subscribers you were promised?

Now you’re not sure who’s advice to trust.  Even though you’re determined – figuring out how to get video results DYI is tough.


When I began creating videos, I dreaded appearing on camera.

My business coach gave me advice like, “smile, relax, breathe, be natural, just be yourself.”

My spouse, Frank filmed me using our photo camera. Maybe it was good lighting was limited. Over-exaggerated pronunciation. Robotic-like delivery. Upper body frozen. Eyes rolling while recalling the word-for-word script. Even my perfectly timed toy actions didn’t distract from my HORRENDOUS camera appearance.


I speak and communicate for a living. As a speech-language pathologist, I help and teach others with enhancing spoken communication.

How was it possible that I struggled with speaking well on camera?


My coach advised me to share the HORRENDOUS video recording with parents whose kids I provided therapy for.

I knew from my Toastmasters’ experience that getting feedback would help me improve.

So, I shared it. Thinking it would be a fantastic way for kids to practice speech. Also, modelling an ideal way for parents to practice with kids.



The parents who I shared that video with were left with a DISASTROUS impression. I didn’t get a second chance with most of them. They wouldn’t watch my later, much improved videos. Their kids didn't carryover the speech skills we worked so hard on without those videos.

That was a HARD lesson I never want you to experience.

When people watch your videos –they form a strong impression. They typically don’t consider how much you could improve with newer videos.


There’s a reason I want you to love appearing on camera, right away.

Why I’ll show you effective strategies for overcoming speech breakdowns and mental blocks while having have fun.

Why I guide you through experiencing success at each level of video confidence.

Why I model better ways to share your compelling stories.


I know what it’s like to put a dream vision on hold. Frozen because you’re not communicating and connecting well with viewers.

Camera confidence takes tremendous boldness. That’s how I know your dream vision matters.

I’ll gladly share my talents for communicating, marketing, speaking on camera and telling video stories.


Keri Vandongen, R.SLP, empowers entrepreneurs to communicate in ways that inspire people to listen, care and do business with them. She shares her communication, marketing, speaking on camera, and video storytelling talents through collaborative services. Keri guides you through training, and provides carryover support. You’re accountable for experiential learning. Together, you’re empowered to positively impact others’ lives.

Some Proof I'm up for the task

Career and business accomplishments:

  • Since 1994, I’ve trained kid and adult clients, parents, teachers, assistants and fellow therapists to improve communication and connection skills.
  • I’ve marketed 2 private practice caseloads.
  • In 2014, I began an online business supporting kids and parents with speech practice.
  • Since 2016, I began learning multi-passionate marketing (content, empathy, video & relationship).

Wonder what mix inspires people to listen, care and purchase?

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