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Hi -Keri here.

You can read more about me below.

I'll "Start with WHY"...

WHY I do what I do

I share my communication, marketing and video storytelling gifts so people impact others' lives. Together we're better at achieving our dream goals.

How I do It

Carrying out my vision includes five values:

  • Learn from people who share my beliefs, and teach what helps achieve my goals.
  • Discover people's best qualities using insights. Share these qualities.
  • Empower people to communicate, connect and market as well as possible. (listen, speak, sound, write, relate)
  • Guide people to share their voice and stories with others whose lives they'll impact.
  •  Always be listening, open to others' ideas and feedback.

What I do

I empower entrepreneurs to create compelling video stories that viewers love. Communicating what inspires others about you and your business to become your loyal subscribers and customers.

I offer sessions guiding people to enhance how they speak, sound, communicate, listen and relate. 

Some Proof I'm up for the task

Career and business accomplishments:

  • Since 1994, I’ve trained kid and adult clients, parents, teachers, assistants and fellow therapists to improve communication and connection skills.
  • I’ve marketed 2 private practice caseloads.
  • In 2014, I began an online business supporting kids and parents with speech practice.
  • Since 2016, I began learning multi-passionate marketing (content, empathy, video & relationship).

Welcoming your questions and thoughts,


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