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Improving Accent Speech and Communication for Bilingual Professionals

so Career Ambitions are SAFE

How do I lower the ‘glass ceiling’ for bilingual professionals?

By modifying your accent speech. Improving your spoken communication.

Obstacles won't block your career ambitions. Without enhancing speech and communication… you’re at risk for layoffs, missed career opportunities, and being underpaid.

In addition to being a registered speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience, I’m certified with two accent modification speech training programs. Loving the Toastmasters' speaking and evaluator program!

How are my services are unique?

Effective speech and communication techniques are taught through role playing, conversations, storytelling and video recording.

Speech success carries over to places you communicate with communication partners. You’ll then progress with career goals.

Ready for support with your career goals?

Perhaps, modify your accent so it’s easier for others to understand. Become more confident speaking for your job role.  

Send an email with 3 dates and times you’re available for our complimentary phone consultation.

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