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Improving Speech and Communication for Bilingual Professionals

so Your Career Ambitions are SAFE

Are you interested in improving your accent speech?

When you speak clearly, you’ll achieve your career ambitions:
  • Earn a higher performance evaluation.
  • Progress towards a promotion or raise.
  • Acquire a dream job or keep your desirable job.
  • Be respected for your intelligence, wisdom and expertise.

Good news!  I’m offering professional accent modification services.

With enough professional training, you can:
  • Be easily understood in person and on the phone.
  • Speak confidently during meetings and interviews.
  • Speak clearly and communicate powerfully when giving presentations.
  • Enjoy conversations while networking and socializing.
Ready to improve your speech and communication?

I’ll demonstrate ONE speaking skill you can learn and use that improves how you speak right away.

Businesswoman Interviewing Male Candidate For Job

Some examples of this speaking skill:
  • ​A technique for pronouncing multi-syllable words.
  • Omitting filler words, such as "um, yah, so, uh".
  • A way to slow down speech rate.
  • A tip to reduce monotone sounding speech.
  • A technique for using pitch correctly.
  • Improve grammar for articles (a, an, the), prepositions (in, on, an, to, within, for) plurals /s, z, ez/.
  • Correctly pronounce words with 1 sound: /l/ as in “look”, /th/ as in “thought”, /ch/ as in “check”, /je/ as in “just”.

Send me an email at and let's arrange for a phone consultation. ~Keri

Keri Vandongen, R. SLP, S-LP (c) Registered speech-language pathologist

Bonus: Receive a Guide with 7 ways for improving your speech.

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