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How to Remove What Blocks Customers Buying from YOU

Put on your empathy glasses and discover the mindset of an ideal customer.​Listen to the words in this famous marketing quote by Theodore Levitt: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”Marketing and running your business is overwhelming!It’s easy to fall into the trap of marketing your drill. The solution your product, service o [...]

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How to Attract Business: Let a Customer Tell Their Story

Why listen so well you practically get inside your customers’ minds?The best marketing messages for whatever you sell –don’t come from you.They come from your customers or the people you market for.What do they say, think and believe about the problems or goals your business helps with?You’ll get marketing results by matching your messages and content with how they view [...]

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How does Networking for Business Bring you Opportunities?

Going networking for the wrong reasons is such a waste of time.Once you identify and avoid the people there to socialize, conquer their latest goal or collect cards –you’ll find the people who will follow-up and benefit you.If you think there’s a social code to crack to networking for business — you’re partially right.The code goes beyond getting people to take [...]

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7 Insights for Impressing Customers by Speaking Confidently on Video

Prefer to watch? Click for the video version, here.​A wise friend once told me, “You really can’t help someone if you haven’t lived through a similar struggle.” ​When I began creating videos –being in front of a camera caused facial expressions to dance freestyle, and over pronounced words to dominate. For speaking confidently on video, my coach advise [...]

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How to Enhance Communication to Inspire Taking Action –8 Guest Post Insights…

How To Successfully Validate Your Business Idea So It Changes Your Life Forever​It’s frustrating.You’re confident executing your business idea to offer a product, service or event is a better option than buying what competitors offer or … choosing to go with nothing.Rarely do people explain how to communicate about your idea in ways that get your target audience to list [...]

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