Formula for Inspiring Action

Wonder what mix inspires your audience to listen, care and purchase?

Our email journey continues by sharing my communication, marketing, and video story talents.


Tired of subscribers who won’t open up or commit? Experience the Joy of Inspirational Marketing

Open your mind to an inspiring date…There will be no phone interruptions.Everything around you fades away.You excitedly talk and both reveal far more than you ever planned.Secrets exchanged-eye gazing listening-thoughts no else has heard.Time standing still…This Valentine’s day was the 21st one celebrated with my spouse.Truth is it’s always been my favorite ho [...]

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Why Relationship Marketing is Vital for Business Success

I remember getting to know a group of TeacherspayTeachers (TpT) friends over a collaborative marketing project. It was surprisingly fun helping each other figure out this marketing event. Someone would quickly make a video demonstrating the technology. There’d be late night chats over products people couldn’t wait to have. The group leader was learning along with us.I [...]

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How to Create Engaging Content –7 Guest Post Insights…

"Help, I'm Camera shy!"Forget focusing on video fears. I'll inspire you to confidently appear on video. Who would really benefit from watching YOU on video? What would be easier to demonstrate or explain on camera? Why do YOU want to connect with your audience -earning their trust? Guiding your video confidence... I'll share 5 effective techniques. With every technique, a [...]

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A Speaking Journey so People will be Listening

Come with me on a speaking journey so people will be listening. When you know your ideas and creativity matter; a halo of euphoria protects your ego from your darkest entrepreneur moments – listening to critical feedback. While breathing in euphoria, you boldly speak outside your comfort zone. Imagine speaking so confidently your voice was heard above your listener [...]

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Attract Future Customers You’ll Value and Repel Others

Was this website created for you??There’s no annoying popup.​How do they know what you’d love to experience and read when visiting?​Even though you’re busy –you read the entire home and about pages. The site owner knows what you’re trying to do. They’ve done it themselves and describe their success story.You can’t explain why you’re motivated to hunt for [...]

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