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Formula for Inspiring Action

Wonder what mix inspires your audience to listen, care and purchase?

Our email journey continues by sharing my communication, marketing, and video story talents.

Video confidence training?      

Or a video story --inspiring customers to take action?

You know creating videos would cut down on sales calls you dread, and less time drained away in meetings that don't bring you business. But no one’s taking action after watching your videos. If only viewers could see the real you. You don’t sound or act like that in person!

That’s where I come in. I’ll teach you how to communicate on video so you'll connect with viewers. Inspiring viewers to do what you request. Subscribe, sign up, book, call, purchase …

During a complimentary consultation, we'll discuss your zealous goal.

a) To look and sound confident on video –You'd benefit from my online evaluation and training sessions. I'll share talents from my speech-language pathology, Toastmasters, and experience appearing in and creating videos.

b) To inspire potential customers to take action -I'll guide your video story journey. From revealing why people are inspired to do business with you. Moving onto weaving your inspiring marketing messages into a compelling video storyline. Ending with enhancing your video confidence.

Be warned –I won’t bore viewers with talking head videos of you presenting on camera. Sorry, enticing viewers to stop watching because you’re reading or recalling a word-for-word script isn't recommended. Instead, I'll teach you video tips and insights about what viewers love. You can steal these to enhance all videos you create or star in.

Ready to talk about video confidence sessions or a call to action video story package?

Send me an email of 3 times you’re available over the next two weeks for our complimentary phone consultation.


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