Formula for Inspiring Action

Wonder what mix inspires your audience to listen, care and purchase?


Our email journey continues by sharing my communication, marketing, and video story talents.

How do I guide YOU to communicate with customers so they'll listen, and connect so they'll care? 

Click and watch 3.5 minutes of inspiration.

As marketing is how your business speaks --It's tempting to communicate your messages more.

I've been listening and observing. Determined to better understand how people prefer to communicate and connect with entrepreneurs. Narrowing the gap so you'll earn loyal customers. Customers who buy from you again, and refer similar people --potential loyal customers.

My WHY is to share talents (communicating to connect, marketing through inspiration, speaking confidently on video, and compelling storytelling) so entrepreneurs positively impact others' lives.

  • When I work with clients -- I discover why running their business is the reason for their unique talents, experiences and wisdom. They're gifts to share with others through their services or products. Because sharing their WHY inspires people to do business with them.
  • I encourage clients to address the burning problem they help with from their clients' perspective. Instead of communicating what they think clients want to hear. Because people want to know you get them, understand how they view their goals, and relate to how they're feeling.
  • I empower clients to clearly explain how they offer their services. Because mismatched expectations cause frustrations for them and their customers.

Enhancing marketing messages is a collaboration. I guide entrepreneurs on ways to communicate so people they target want to listen.

That's phase one.

What gets people to fully understand and care is when marketing is weaved into a compelling story. One that shows versus tells an audience.

The third phase is for bold entrepreneurs. Bravely appearing as yourself on video so viewers get to know, like and trust you. Personally sharing your business story.

Guiding entrepreneurs to feel confident on video comes from focusing on the clients and customers they could help out better than any one else.

So, which marketing phase are you ready to enhance... communicating your core messages, telling your compelling business story or sharing your story on video?

I'm an email away. Mention your preference for enhancing phase a, b, c, or all in the subject. I'll send a quick reply with the essentials, and we'll make it happen.


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