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Which Video Story is Right for Me?   

video story guide

Options for your situation

You know WHY you do what you do​ ~~~ A

You want potential customers to visualize experiencing what you sell. ~~~ B

You'd like to capture a case study as a video story. ~~~ C

You're marketing a service, event or experience. ~~~ B and C

​You know potential customers trust what other customers say over what you tell them. ~~~ B and C

You have an inspiring story to share. ~~~ A

​You'd like to discover how an ideal customer perceives problems, frustrations, goals and desires that your business addresses. ~~~ C

Have mostly A's, B's or C's?

Inspiring Video Story A:

Inspire with WHY your business gave an idea life

Behind the Scenes Video Story B:

Visualize experiencing what you sell

Customer's Point of View Video Story C:

Let a customer tell their story

Ready to talk about your video story?

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My favorite part of working with Keri was that she made the video story project easy for me. Keri spoke to me to understand my why, how and what. A lot of effort and thought was put into the script. Her marketing video captured my core values and could relate to my target audience. It gets strong viewership and reviews. –Leena Alex, AcquTalent Solutions Ltd.

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