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Our email journey begins...

A Story About You

Keri Vandongen

People, including mom, often ask, “Keri, WHY did you put your 20-year speech-language pathology career on hold to do this!??

aka. Empower small business owners so they’d earn loyal customers?”

Well, it began with finding out WHO you are.

Chad strives to offer smarter buying options for like-minded customers. Putting care into creating high quality, multi-purpose products that are safe for people, animals and the environment. Testing on his own family, friends and fans. Impacting our world with his socially and environmentally conscious business. A founder who proudly helps customers first and makes a profit second.

Then, inspired by WHY you do what you do.

Aime bravely shares WHY she NEVER wants tween and teen girls to suffer from limited self-esteem and confidence or lack courage to be themselves like she did when she was their age.

Next, emotions rose over HOW you carry out your vision.

Capturing what parents miss out on while their kids have fun experimenting, learning, communicating, and socializing at preschool. Little moments to treasure in Christine's customized photo books.

Later, awestruck by WHAT you do for clients.

Throughout her services, Amy advocates for clients like Jackie. Communicating with contractors so a design vision becomes reality while handling renovation pitfalls that inevitably come up. Treating clients as well as close friends earns rewards.

A plot twist.​

Do you believe what I believe?

That we’re running our business to impact others’ lives and alter our egocentric era. There’s too many people leading from the top by only giving advice. But a shortage of people who are empathetic. Leading with imperfect examples for others to follow.

Fast-forward conversations and connection...

You wonder, why receive my emails?

To show you examples of inspiring people to take action. Empowering you to communicate better through stories, video and speaking on camera.

To show you examples of inspiring people to take action. Empowering you to communicate better through stories, video and speaking on camera.

So, where will our email journey begin?

You’ll receive a template: How to create a video opt-in to entice subscribers. Plus, a sample video to imitate.

Keri helped me discover how to portray my story for clients.

I felt that the time we spent together put me at ease. With Keri's background of speech therapy, she communicated well and coached me through the experience. She helped me relax, and gave great advice on how to speak to my audience of parents. I would recommend Keri and her company to help you solve your video marketing needs. –Christina Parker, Capturing Play Along the Way

Some Proof I'm up for the task

  • Since 1994, Keri Vandongen, R.SLP, S-LP (c) has trained kids and adult clients, parents, teachers, assistants and fellow therapists to improve communication and connection skills.
  • She's marketed 2 private practice caseloads.
  • In 2014, Keri began an online business supporting kids and parents with speech practice.
  • Since 2016, Keri began learning multi-passionate marketing (content, empathy and video).
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